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Eve Online to increase monthly subscriptions because of "global trends"

Would you Adam and Eve it.

Eve Online subscriptions are going up, including the one-month charge, which is being increased for the first time since 2004.

In a blog post justifying the changes (thanks, PCGN), CCP says the uplift "reflects global trends impacting general productions costs and accounts for years of inflation" and have been introduced in order to "continue investing in Eve Online’s evolution and growth".

"Since Eve Online’s original launch back in 2003, together EVE’s developers and community have led the charge in evolving what sandbox MMOs can be," the post explains.

"The past 19 years have seen amazing events that have brought us closer together, delivered vast expansions and game-changing feature enhancements, seen careful rebalancing to bring the best quality of experience, and welcomed technological updates that keep New Eden on the cutting edge – all in service of maintaining Eve’s status as the world’s best MMO."

Consequently, the changes - which come into effect on 17th May - affect Omega and PLEX costs, with the former introducing two new options (two months and 24 months), and the latter, which is the in-game's currency, having been "entirely restructured".

Right now we've only been given the changes as they apply to US dollars, but the post makes it clear that "these adjustments will have an impact on other currencies". The monthly subscription cost jumps from $15 to $20, three-monthly goes from $39 to $48, six months $72 to $87, and 12 months $131 to $150.

"We’re committed to bringing you the absolute best version of Eve, and a compelling future for New Eden," the update concludes. "We can’t wait to meet up with you in person and discuss this in detail at Fanfest in just a few weeks."