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Eve Online launches revamped new player experience as it heads to the Epic Games Store

Pilot program.

Eve Online has launched the first part of its revamped new player experience.

Developer CCP has also announced the notoriously complex space MMO launches on the Epic Games Store on 23rd September. CCP said this launch makes Eve Online "the premier MMO on the platform".

Quadrant 3: Gateway, as the new player experience is known, revolves around a series of themed activities designed to welcome new and returning players to the 18-year-old Eve Online. The new trailer is below:

The revamped onboarding experience is described as a "rich, emotionally-driven narrative" available to players who arrive in-game for the first time.

It introduces players to a fresh cast of characters that teach the essential features and controls, including how to pilot a ship, survive a firefight and make money.

The idea is that after you complete the training program, you'll have a solid understanding of how to play the game.

Meanwhile, Quadrant 3: Gateway adds new content and balance updates, such as changes to resource distribution that signal the start of greater updates to the scarcity of resources in New Eden.

Players can expect to see further resource distribution changes in the fourth Quadrant of 2021, which kicks off November 2021, CCP said.

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