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"ICO 3" image pops up in job ad

Kristan excited like little child.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Japan has released the first image associated with the PS3 game Team ICO is working on.

The looks-a-bit-conceptual picture appears on the official site above job adverts for planners, animators, artists and effects designers.

We're only telling you about this because you keep emailing us claiming it confirms the existence of a new game. Which it doesn't really - it's a drawing of a chain going down a hole in the middle of a circular stone floor.

Team ICO Gamers first spotted it and has now been looking at it for hours, concluding that the shadow in the upper portion of the picture is cast by something shackled to the chain.

"Something or someone is imprisoned down there," states Team ICO Gamers. Dramatically. Probably using ketchup as fake blood.

What do you think is hiding at the end of the chain, Eurogamer reader? Extra points and maybe an invisible prize for ingenuity.

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