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Croteam making Serious Sam for XBLA

HD revamp this summer for 10 quid.

Majesco has told Eurogamer that Serious Sam will return this summer on Xbox Live Arcade.

Late summer, specifically, for 1200 Microsoft Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 14.40).

Dubbed Serious Sam HD, the game will re-imagine The First Encounter, and be created by original developer Croteam.

The chaotic first-person shooter, where enemies spawn and overwhelm from every angle, will return with online co-op for four friends. The surreal Egyptian setting will be spread across 12 levels, and we're promised dazzling, revamped visuals.

The charm of Serious Sam, which first appeared on PC in 2001, forms around controlling the swarms of baddies that are triggered when collecting ammo or reaching a new areas. There are bulls that charge, headless baddies that blow-up, ranged attackers, skeletal horse monsters and enormous bosses.

Sam's arsenal is as over-the-top as the situation, but deciding what to use and what to kill while dodging and scrapping is another matter. It's brilliant.