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Watch: 7 game characters who should definitely avoid being in a stealth game, thanks


Between Emily and Corvo's quest for revenge in Dishonored 2 and Agent 47's episodic antics in Hitman, 2016 has been pretty kind to stealth game protagonists. They're a special bunch, when you think about it - surviving a stealth game requires cunning, poise and nerves of steel. In other words, being the hero or heroine of a stealth game isn't for everyone.

To prove my point, I threw together this list of seven video game characters who had better hope they never wind up in a stealth game of their own, because they'd be perfectly awful. And not just clumsy awful, oh no - I'm talking so woefully bad they'd end up alerting every guard within a ten mile radius almost immediately.

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Watched that? Lovely. I'm sure you have some suggestions of your own to offer, so please let us know which characters you think would suck at stealth - and why - in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

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