Patapon 3


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11th April 2011

Patapon 3

17th June 2010

Patapon 3 is confirmed

Patapon 3 gets free DLC today

New multiplayer missions added.

Eccentric PSP rhythm action sequel Patapon 3 gets a generous slab of complimentary multiplayer DLC today, Sony has announced.

Patapon 3

Patapon 3

The rhythm of war.

Don't play Patapon if you suffer from insomnia. It's even more difficult to sleep at 4am with a tiny monocular army's chants of PON PON PATA PON reverberating around your head. Your every input in Patapon 3 is echoed and embellished by a chorus of little voices, cheering and yelling and marching perfectly in rhythm, and the insistent beat drives on and on long after you flick the PSP power switch for the twelfth time, and try to drift off.

It gives you a sense of power that most god games strive for in other ways. Controlling with rhythm is a very primal thrill. When it's going well you feel like an omnipotent beat-master guiding those tiny warriors on to victory. The slightest slip, though, and it's all over you lose the beat, your army stands confused, your fingers fumble, and whichever imposing 2D creature you're fighting munches your Patapons like a handful of cashews.

There's a wonderful game in here. Patapon at its core is addictive, exciting and full of sensory thrills, and the artistic direction is superb. But getting in the way are thick layers of character and inventory management that do more to confuse than enhance.

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Patapon 3 release date announced

Patapon 3 release date announced

PSP rhythm action saga returns in April.

Patapon 3, the latest entry in Sony's out-there PSP rhythm action series, marches into US stores on 17th April, the publisher has announced.

The third game in the series sees you take on the role of lonely soldier Hatapon as he sets out to take down a new evil presence hellbent on destroying the Patapon world.

The game's producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda told the PlayStation Blog that his team has been beavering away to include fan feedback.

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