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Patapon 3 release date announced

PSP rhythm action saga returns in April.

Patapon 3, the latest entry in Sony's out-there PSP rhythm action series, marches into US stores on 17th April, the publisher has announced.

The third game in the series sees you take on the role of lonely soldier Hatapon as he sets out to take down a new evil presence hellbent on destroying the Patapon world.

The game's producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda told the PlayStation Blog that his team has been beavering away to include fan feedback.

"Some of you got to experience a small portion of this adventure last summer with the open multiplayer beta. Since then, we've been furiously implementing some of the changes requested – and we are very sure that you will enjoy the results of this joint effort," he promised.

"Available as both UMD disc and PSP PSN download, this fantastic new adventure with new weapons, new levels, new characters and new online multiplayer adventures can go home with you for the pocket friendly price of $19.99 USD."

A similar post showed up on the European PlayStation Blog, with the release date helpfully scrubbed out. We're chasing Sony for that now and will update if it responds.