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Patapon spiritual successor Ratatan wraps up Kickstarter campaign with over £1m in funding

Game due in April 2025.

Colourful promotional art for Ratatan showing a heaving throng of Cubon battling against enemies as they march across a lush green lansdcape while an airship follows alongside in the bright blue sky.
Image credit: Ratata Arts/Tokyo Virtual Theory/pH Studio

Ratatan, the spiritual successor to Sony Japan Studio's beloved PlayStation Portable rhythm adventure Patapon, has wrapped up its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, successfully amassing well over £1m - substantially above its £100,000 target - along the way.

Ratatan, if you're unaware, is a collaboration between Ratata Arts, Tokyo Virtual Theory, and pH Studio, with Patapon creator Hiroyuki Kotani at the helm and original Patapon musician Kemmei Adach also returning. It's described as roguelike blend of rhythm and side-scroller action in which players, either battling alone or with friends, build an army of 100 Cobun to take on foes as their march across the world of Redo continues.

Its crowdfunding campaign launched onto Kickstarter on 31st July, with the goal of raising ¥20,000,000 (approximately £109,000), but a little over a month later, it's now wrapped up with ¥219,314,335 (around £1.2m) in the bank after contributions from 14,598 backers - apparently making it the 36th most funded video game Kickstarter of all time.

Ratatan gameplay trailer.Watch on YouTube

That means 24 of its 25 stretch goals were unlocked along the way, assuring the likes of console versions, an online mode, a Hard mode, fireworks, customisable Cobun and bases, an orchestrated soundtrack, a musical collaboration with David Wise, and more.

"Thank you backers!!," the Ratatan team wrote in an update celebrating the end of its successful Kickstarter. "For us, we have spent months and months planning the campaign with countless development hours going into the project...It's been a marathon but we reached the finish line...You have empowered us and given us a great opportunity. We will do our best to make this a project you are proud to have participated in."

With its crowdfunding campaign now complete, Ratatan is targeting an April 2025 release on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, and Steam. The team says it's "actually quite far along in the production cycle and feel very confident in getting everything into the game" in time for its anticipated launch.

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