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Here's a gameplay trailer for Patapon's spiritual successor Ratatan

Drums of war.

Here's a gameplay trailer for Patapon's spiritual successor Ratatan
Image credit: Ratata Arts

Ratata Arts has released a new Ratatan gameplay trailer, to whet appetites for the rhythm strategy game.

The developer said Ratatan's gameplay will incorporate a "unique combination of rhythm and strategy", and see players taking on the role of a conductor. This conductor has the very important job of controlling an army of the titular Ratatan, which will be able to "attack, defend and support" as they march against other armies in the game.

Additionally, these music loving animal-like creatures will be able to "gather 'Cobuns' that can chant, move and attack according to the instructions". As a result of all this musical mayhem, the developer has promised "one massive rhythmic showdown!" You can see how it all looks in the video below.

Ratatan Full Gameplay Video.Watch on YouTube

The Ratatan team will be kicking off the game's Kickstarter campaign later this month, on 31st July.

This will feature a variety of stretch goals, with the developer stating it plans to "expand the core gameplay with new systems, mini games and modern modes".

If funded, Ratatan will be released on PC, although the team has said it will also support modern consoles via a stretch goal.

Ratatan boss fight
A Ratatan boss fight. | Image credit: Ratata Arts

"The three main game concepts are over 100 cute characters fighting it out on screen, four-player simultaneous battles, and more adventure and roguelike elements than Patapon had," Ratatan producer Kazuto Sakajiri said earlier in the month.

Meanwhile, Patapon creator Hiroyuki Kotani said he wanted to create a Patapon-like experience with new elements for this release.

"Patapon was a really unique experience at the time of its release and reflected the development environment of that era. We wanted to make another game like that for the modern age," he said.

"There's a possibility of maybe doing a Patapon sequel in the future, but for this we really wanted to make our own game, in our own style, with specific types of gameplay that reflect what we want.

"After that, if there's a chance to speak to Sony about doing a Patapon sequel then we'll go from there."

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