Serious Sam 3


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Serious Sam 3: BFE out on XBLA next week

Alongside Jewel of the Nile campaign expansion.

OTT shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE launches on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, 17th October 2012, Croteam, Devolver Digital and Mastertronic (phew!) have announced.

Serious Sam 3 gets Xbox Live Arcade release

Serious Sam: Double D also heading to consoles.

OTT shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE heads to Xbox Live Arcade this Autumn, along with a re-tooled version of indie spin-off Serious Sam: Double D, co-publishers Mastertronic and Devolver Digital have announced.

Serious Sam 3: BFE Review

Serious Sam 3: BFE Review

Blast from the past.

"Dumb fun" is easy to take for granted. There's a natural tendency to assume that any game which favours action over depth is working at this level, but that underestimates just how smart game design has to be in order to successfully work as dumb fun.

Throwing mayhem at the screen isn't enough. It has to be orchestrated, paced and balanced so that while the player feels thrillingly overwhelmed, there's always a method behind the madness, a symphony of slaughter that keeps the game in constant motion.

Croteam, the small indie studio responsible for the Serious Sam games, understands how smart you need to be to play dumb. The Sam series is rightfully feted for its manic gameplay, a juggling act of impossible odds and cathartic excess that rises and falls in pitch at just the right times.

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Serious Sam 3: BFE release date

Serious Sam 3: BFE release date

Pre-order incentives detailed.

OTT shooter sequel Serious Sam 3: BFE launches for PC on 18th October, publisher Devlover Digital has announced.

The prequel to 2001's Serious Sam: The First Encounter is priced at your local equivalent of $39.99, with Steam offering a 10 per cent discount and a "Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker multiplayer avatar" if you pre-order. If you already have a Serious Sam game in your Steam library you'll get an extra 10 per cent off too.

To celebrate the announcement, all Serious Sam HD titles and bundles will be available on Steam at a 66 per cent discount, or 85 per cent if you pre-order Serious Sam 3: BFE by the end of play today.

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Serious Sam 3 drops cartoon look

Too early for other revelations, says dev.

Croteam has told Eurogamer that Serious Sam 3 will drop the series' trademark cartoon look, although the familiar fast and frantic gameplay will remain.