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Serious Sam 3 October release delayed

"We decided it needed one extra month."

Serious Sam 3: BFE won't be ready for 18th October, developer Croteam has announced.

The game, a futuristic Egypt-set shooter, has been delayed until "mid-November", CTO Alen Ladavac revealed on the Serious Sam 3 forum.

"In the past few days, we did some reassessments, based both on internal results, and on beta testing feedback, and determined that we would want to do some more gameplay tuning, bugfixing and optimization - more than would be possible within the given timeframe," Ladavac said.

"So we decided it needed one extra month of development time. You will know details later in the day, but for now - one month it is - one month of extra tuning and polish that Serious Sam 3 deserves if we really love it and want it to be a great game."

The latest Serious Sam 3 trailer.