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Indie devs hijack Serious Sam franchise

Three new titles coming soon.

Three separate indie developers have been handed the reins to the Serious Sam series, publisher Devolver Digital has announced.

In the run up to the launch of the Croteam-developed Serious Sam 3: BFE, Mommy's Best Games, Be-Rad Entertainment and Vlambeer will be releasing their own eccentric takes on the long-running FPS franchise.

Serious Sam: Double D from Mommy's Best Games (Weapon of Choice, Explosionade) is a "frantic side-scrolling shooter" for PC and consoles "featuring killer hand drawn artwork".

Smartphone effort Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! from Be-Rad Entertainment (Lame Castle) turns the tables and puts you in the shoes of the enemy. You'll need to "guide your fearless group of Headless Kamikazes across the battlefield, dodging hazards and pitfalls while avoiding oncoming fire from the deplorable Serious Sam."

Finally, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter from Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Radical Fishing) is a turn-based RPG for as yet unannounced platforms. "Arm your squad to the teeth with massive ordinance, throw down some special items and take aim at the hordes of charging enemies holding that sweet, sweet loot you crave so badly," explains the blurb.

No firm release dates have been announced for any of the above, but they will launch in "the coming months".

Devolver CFO Fork Parker seems very excited about the initiative. "I've never heard of any of these indie clowns," he commented. "Do any of these jokers make hentai games? I'm telling you guys, that weird tentacle stuff is the future of gaming." Indeed.

The full Serious Sam 3: BFE experience launches on PC and "consoles" this summer.

It's a "glorious throwback to the golden age of first-person shooters where men were men, cover was for amateurs and pulling the trigger made things go boom," Devolver explained last month.

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