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Serious Sam 3 drops cartoon look

Too early for other revelations, says dev.

Croteam has told Eurogamer that Serious Sam 3 will drop the series' trademark cartoon look, although the familiar fast and frantic gameplay will remain.

"I can't yet reveal any new features on Serious Sam 3, as it's still too early," began Croteam boss Roman Ribaric.

"However, I believe Serious Sam fans would want to hear the following two things. First, Serious Sam 3 will play like the original Serious Sam. And second, we'll leave the cartoony look behind.

"As for standing up to other games: simply, if it's good to play, it's good to play. Serious Sam games belong to their own unique fast-paced FPS genre and should best be compared to previous Serious Sam games."

Ribaric said Croteam is "knee-deep" in Serious Sam 3 development, which will ramp up proper once Serious Sam HD - the PC and Xbox Live Arcade remake - is done and dusted.

For now, however, Serious Sam 3 has no date. Or platforms - although PC and Xbox 360 are likely candidates. But so was Sarah Palin, and look what happened there.

Did you know that Croteam was making a military game that was halted by lack of investor and publisher support? We didn't until Ribaric told us.

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Serious Sam 3

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