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Serious Sam HD out next week

First Encounter priced and primed.

Croteam has announced that Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter will be released for PC on 24th November.

The announcement comes in an exclusive trailer on Eurogamer TV today.

"Over the past years we have had loads of fans requesting that we bring the world of Serious Sam up to date and give him a high-definition makeover," said Roman Ribaric, CEO.

"The reaction we have had since we announced we were working on Sam has been simply amazing."

The game is available to pre-order now from the likes of Steam.

Eurogamer readers might want to hang on though - to celebrate next week's launch of our own digital distribution service, Get Games, Serious Sam HD will be available for £9.99 for a limited period.

Look out for more on that and a review of the game soon.

The Xbox Live Arcade version of First Encounter has yet to receive a release date.

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