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Balding Max Payne 3 sighted

Online MP, Bullet Time, RAGE...

Rockstar has revealed that Max Payne 3 sees our hero bald, bearded and addicted to painkillers in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

That's according to a brief write-up of the latest Game Informer cover feature on Deeko (thanks vg247).

The developer had previously said Max was retired but still "embroiled in a world of corruption, turmoil and intense violence".

Said intense violence will employ a tweaked version of the original games' famed Bullet Time system, along with cover-based combat, apparently.

What's more, it will take place in an elaborate, RAGE engine-powered recreation of the Brazilian city with procedural animation, destructible environments and the usual day-and-night cycle.

There will also be online multiplayer, according to the report.

We haven't been able to locate scans of the preview yet, although there are some blurry photographs of the feature showing Max wearing khakis and a dirty Die Hard-style white vest.

He's got a bearded, firmly set and grumpy jaw and looks a bit like a cross between Bear from Get Shorty and Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell: Conviction. It's hard to make out much else from a distance, but there does appear to be - as there so often is - a girl in peril.

If true, the painkillers thing seems like a nice touch - having been Max's never-ending source of health top-ups in previous games.

We should have more on Max Payne 3 soon. It's in development at Rockstar Vancouver and due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this winter.