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Droplitz for XBLA this Wednesday

Pipe Dream-like puzzler. Plus: Bigs 2 demo.

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Atlus puzzle game Droplitz will be offered on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

Team Xbox revealed the date, which has yet to be added on the website. There's no price, either.

Droplitz, developed bit Blitz Games, is a puzzle game a bit like the hacking mini-game in BioShock. Drops fall from the top of the screen and need to pour into receptacles at the bottom of a grid like area. In that area are pieces of pipe that need arranging to form a solid escape route for the drops. The more routes completed, the higher the multiplier.

There are pictures and videos on the Droplitz website.

Elsewhere on Xbox Live is a demo for The Bigs 2 - the baseball game from 2K Sports. Head over to The Bigs 2 website to find out more.

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