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Mythic focusing on RvR, Tier 4 endgame

September anniversary next milestone.

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Mythic Entertainment producer Jeff Skalski has told Eurogamer that Tier 4 endgame and realm-versus-realm combat will be the focus of the next big patch or update for Warhammer Online, which is likely to coincide with the game's one-year anniversary on 18th September.

He was speaking after the Call to Arms live expansion came to a close - a several-week process that added classes and dungeons through numerous server-wide live events, and a process Mythic wants to repeat.

"It's a little too early to comment on what the next new shiny bit of content is we'll be adding to the game," said Skalski. "What I can tell you is that you can continue to expect to see exciting new live events. Our LE team has really outdone themselves with [Call to Arms]... Next, we're going to run to usher in our one-year anniversary."

"Outside of that, we're going to be heavily focusing on improving our RvR Endgame in Tier 4 scenarios and the cities," he added.

Client and server "stability and performance" will be a target, as will server "population and balance" and "better distribution" of items and rewards throughout Warhammer Online. Area-of-effect and crowd-control abilities will continue to be scrutinised, as always.

Skalski ducked the possibility of a boxed Warhammer Online expansion by offering no comment.

Mythic recently lost co-founder Mark Jacobs during an EA BioWare and Mythic merger into a giant RPG/MMO group. Other Mythic co-founder, Rob Denton, will try to fill Mark's shoes.

BioWare's Dr Ray Muzyka will take control of the RPG/MMO group and claims no changes to either company will be made. He has hinted that co-development may be a possibility, though.

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