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BioWare leak row gathers pace

Insider calls out EA mole, drops F-bombs.

Another industry insider has joined David Jaffe in lambasting the soon to be laid-off EA art worker who yesterday tore into their employer in an anonymous blog.

The blogger, going under the pseudonym of EA Louse, criticised how BioWare Mythic's Warhammer Online MMO was handled and claimed that EA's forthcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic was "a joke".

Jeff Preston, an art and design specialist who has worked with BioWare Mythic employees in the past, has struck back in his own 1600 word blog, obliquely titled, 'Anonymity is for cowards'. It's quite the read.

"It kills me to see white-collar crybabies bitching about layoffs when people who work far harder, without donut days and comfy chairs get cut every day with no warning and no severance," he explains.

"Bottom line is that working for Activision, Electronic Arts or any other big company is like eating a giant sh*t sandwich at times. It sucks. We eat it or we walk.

"The passive-aggressive sniping from a wall of anonymity is for pussies. Bitches who have this sense of entitlement. The world owes them! Writing posts like that just stirs up a sh*tstorm and enrages the mob. The Mob who really knows f*ck all about it means to work in a studio like this and what goes in to game development, especially on a licensed product."

Preston joins God of War creator David Jaffe in shouting down EA Louse. Jaffe wrote on his own blog yesterday, "What the f*ck is it about making games where it brings out the worst, most immature, most obnoxious sides of certain types of people on a team?"

It's like being back in the playground, no?

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