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BioWare Mythic renames itself Mythic again

"In the wake of a new focus."

The studio that started as Mythic Entertainment before becoming EA Mythic and then Mythic and then BioWare Mythic has returned to being called Mythic.

"In the wake of a new focus, our studio has recently changed its name from BioWare Mythic to Mythic," wrote Kai Schuber on the Warhammer Online website.

"Everything else stays the same - our passionate teams will continue to support and develop our existing titles as well as working on some new and exciting projects."

Gah! Who was it who kept renaming himself?

Mythic made two MMOs: Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online. The former was a notable early-years MMO launched in 2001 (lead by the man now making Elder Scrolls Online); the latter a victim of butting heads with World of Warcraft in 2008, despite some nice ideas. PVP was particularly good, and was later ripped out as the basis of free-to-play spin-off Wrath of Heroes.

Mythic has looked after MMO grandfather Ultima Online for a number of years.

Mythic also helped BioWare Austin make Star Wars: The Old Republic, although this name change suggests those ties have been severed.

Ultima Forever will be Mythic's next game. It's a free-to-play action RPG for PC and iPad with cross-platform play, and it's due later this year.

Mythic became BioWare Mythic in 2010, after BioWare boss Ray Muzyka was appointed head of all things RPG/MMO at EA. BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk later took on the role of MMO boss at EA while he was working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Both Muzyka and Zeschuk announced their retirements in September, with no mention of who would fill their positions within EA (at BioWare, Aaryn Flynn will be in charge.)

Oh what memories! This is Dark Age of Camelot with the Albion players awaiting their mass portal to the PVP lands.

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