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EA merges Mythic and BioWare

Muzyka boss, Mark Jacobs departs.

EA has merged BioWare and Mythic, naming Dr Ray Muzyka as head of the new RPG/MMO group.

Mark Jacobs, Mythic's guiding hand through Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, will leave the company on 23rd June.

Rob Denton will fill his shoes and report directly to Dr Ray. The other BioWare doctor-boss, Dr Greg Zeschuk, will be come group creative officer.

Employees at Mythic are "shocked and in disbelief" at the departure of Jacobs, an inside source told Massively - but also excited to work with BioWare, which has an almost unblemished RPG track record.

"I can't even fathom Mark leaving a company he loved so much, it was his life. Personally, I can't see that this is voluntary in any shape or form," the source said.

The rest of Mythic's enormous 300-strong team will remain unchanged, apparently. It's not clear, however, where Paul Barnett - the vocal WAR designer - will go.

It's also unclear how the restructuring will affect not only Warhammer Online, but also Star Wars: The Old Republic.

More to come, we suspect.

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