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ngmoco not planning 3GS exclusives

Neil Young expects to span product line.

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Neil Young of iPhone third-party publisher ngmoco has said he doesn't expect his company to start producing games that are exclusive to the new iPhone 3GS.

"I don't think so," he told MTV when asked about the possibility. "I think we'll continue to build games for [all of] the three classes of devices that are out there."

"Obviously they all share the same operating system and have some slight differences in hardware, but we'll build our software to span across those three," he clarified.

Ngmoco has been one of the iTunes App Store's early success stories, delivering a range of generally cheap and high-quality games including Rolando, Topple, Word Fu, MazeFinger and Dr. Awesome.

Upcoming games include Rolando 2 and an FPS game, LiveFire, while its latest, Star Defense, launched just the other day.

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