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Sony: "They're in trouble" - ngmoco

Microsoft's "in better shape".

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Of The Big Three it's Microsoft that is best placed to take advantage of the future, reckons mobile gaming giant ngmoco.

"In the hardware world, I think Sony's massively out of position. I think they're in trouble. I think Microsoft's in much better shape," Neil Young, ngmoco founder, told IndustryGamers.

"They understand cloud computing; the Xbox Live service is a world-class service, and they've got a foothold in mobile, albeit a tenuous one. I think they're in better shape.

"I think Nintendo always has the benefit of its franchises, but I don't think it ends up being a really rich ecosystem for third parties."

Microsoft Windows has heavily invested in cloud ideals, but Xbox Live only allows Gamertags to be up - and downloaded. Sony, on the other hand, recently introduced Online Storage for PS3. If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can upload save files and access them from any PS3 with an internet connection.

Ngmoco made a name for itself with mobile mega-smash Rolando, which Eurogamer stamped an 8/10 on.

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