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PS3 Online Storage firmware 3.6 tomorrow

Cloud saves for PlayStation Plus subs only.

PS3 Online Storage for game saves arrives tomorrow as part of firmware update 3.60, Sony has announced.

But only PlayStation Plus subscribers can use it.

PS+ subs get 150MB of space to upload and dump saved game files to (to a maximum of 1000). The average game save is 1-2MB. These are then accessible from any PS3 with a net connection.

Uploading to the cloud, to give it a fancier name, requires pressing triangle on the chosen save file, selecting "copy" and the destination as "online storage". When on another PS3, sign into your PSN account, go to Saved Data Utility and hey presto, there's your saved game file.

Save files from games with copy protection can still be cloned and uploaded, but are unavailable to download elsewhere for 24 hours.

If your PlayStation Plus subscription lapses your Online Storage files will be inaccessible until you renew. Save files are kept for six months before deletion, however, allowing plenty of leeway.

A PlayStation Plus subscription costs £39.99/€49.99 for a year or £11.99/€14.99 for 90 days.

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