Key events

20th February 2009

Rolando sequel en route

19th January 2009


Sony: "They're in trouble" - ngmoco

Microsoft's "in better shape".

Rolando publisher slams NGP, 3DS

NGP "dead on arrival", 3DS "gimmicky".

Rolando 3 won't appear until it's free

In line with ngmoco's new freemium plan.

FeatureHandCircus' Simon Oliver

Rolando's dad on Rolando and the App Store.

ngmoco reinstates Rolando to App Store

Had taken it down to give R2 a clear run.

ngmoco not planning 3GS exclusives

Neil Young expects to span product line.

Apple "so far ahead" with digital platform

Rivals will need to act quick - Rolando man.

GDC: Rolando 2 and 3 confirmed

More free levels promised, too.

Rolando update adds five new levels

Game has seen 700,000 downloads.

Rolando price cut, more levels soon

Sequel and free new levels on the way.

Rolando sequel en route

HandCircus pulling strings.

More Rolando activity in 2009

Plus, demo "coming very soon".

iPhone driving mobile gaming boom

Smartphones overshadow thick-phones.

Rolando price cut to GBP 3.49

One of the iPhone's best gets cheaper.


Starring roll.