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Rolando update adds five new levels

Game has seen 700,000 downloads.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Touch Arcade reports that Rolando, the excellent iPhone platformer, has received a free update that includes five "secret" levels.

The new version of the game also improves its physics and rendering engine. The first level is unlocked when you finish the first world of the game's story; the rest are unlocked as you complete them in sequence.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail claims that Rolando has now been downloaded 700,000 times, and that creator Simon Oliver "is on track to make his first million".

Rolando now sells at GBP 2.99 / USD 4.99, discounted from an original price tag of GBP 5.99 / USD 9.99. Eurogamer understands that Apple takes 30 per cent of revenue from sales through the App Store, so you don't need a calculator to figure out that Rolando has made Oliver and publisher ngmoco a pile of cash since its December release.

According to the Daily Mail piece, a sequel to Rolando is in development. More news when we have it.

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