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GDC: Rolando 2 and 3 confirmed

More free levels promised, too.

Ngmoco founder Neil Young has confirmed that two sequels are on the way for iPhone game Rolando.

The first one will be released in June and titled Rolando 2: The Quest for the Golden Orchid. Young said it will be "a whole new game" complete with four worlds, 36 levels and "a bunch of new mechanics and features".

Free level updates will follow, as was the case with the first Rolando game. Then Rolando 3 is planned for release in November - followed by yet more free levels.

In total, said Young, Ngcomo will have produced 12 worlds, 148 levels and more than 40 hours of gameplay. However, it will have cost less to make all that than it would to develop a single DS or PSP game.

Young's comments came during his keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. He described the iPhone as "an all encompassing, complete device", saying its arrival has been as important as the advent of the NES, Xbox Live and massively multiplayer online gaming.

Ngmoco was founded last June and has since released seven games, including Mazefinger and Topple. They're not the only ones producing iPhone applications, of course - Young said around 165 pieces of software are released in the App Store each day. There are now more than 25,000 to choose from, and more than 800 million downloads have been racked up. Remember when this was all just Snake?

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