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Rolando price cut to GBP 3.49

One of the iPhone's best gets cheaper.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

No sooner do we get our accelerometers in a twist over ngmoco's excellent Rolando than the publisher cuts the price to GBP 3.49.

That's a saving of two-quid-fifty over its original GBP 5.99 asking price, which - while it's one of the higher price points on the iTunes App Store - was still a bit of a bargain for a game as lovely as Rolando.

As you will know if you read our review, linked above, Rolando is a tilt-controlled platform puzzle game where players have to guide a collection of disparate blobs to an end goal past numerous obstacles.

Although similar in theme and visuals to Sony's LocoRoco, Rolando distinguishes itself with a slower pace, the ability to manoeuvre blobs independently of one another, and a greater emphasis on light, non-linear puzzling.

In short, it's a bit special, and GBP 3.49 really is a very small amount of money.

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