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The Path developer doing Salomé game

It's heading our way this October.

A new game based on Oscar Wilde's play about Salomé is on the way.

It's being developed by Tale of Tales, previously known for producing freaky-deaky PC title The Path. 7/10.

The studio's new game is codenamed Fatale. As reported by IndieGames, developers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn say it's "based on the legend of Salomé, who, 2000 years ago, demanded the head of John the Baptist as a reward for dancing for her stepfather, King Herod".

Apparently, "Oscar Wilde's 1891 interpretation of Salomé as a young woman in love with the prophet is the main inspiration for the project. In Fatale you will be able to explore the scene of this momentous historical event, experiencing the story through the emotions and thoughts of the characters involved."

The game is based around the concept that paintings record a frozen moment in time, and will be all about a "fatal woman who lures men to their downfall". Crumbs. It's out on 5th October, the 78th anniversary of the first public performance of Salomé in English.