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Euro Home gets Everybody's Golf space

US gets SOCOM, Ghostbusters and more.

PlayStation Home adds a new Everybody's Golf space today. Hooray.

It looks like a waiting room with a telly, judging by the European PlayStation blog pictures. Europeans can also win a Rag Doll Kung Fu rug by typing the words "Fists of Plastic" when an intruder wearing Rag Doll Kung Fu trousers is spotted.

PlayStation Home community manager TedTheDog admitted in May that Europe is behind others with the amount of content on offer.

Consider the US Home update today. They get a Ghostbusters Firehouse (or firestation), a SOCOM Tactical Operations Center and more content for the EA Sports complex.

The Ghostbusters Firehouse is a three-tiered building stuffed with furniture, a poltergeist and a free Ecto-1 car in the basement. A Loot Stage set is included to make Ghostbusters machinima.

The SOCOM Tactical Operations Center - the first of a two-part SOCOM hub - has a Telestrator machine that avatars can group around and use to plan in-game strategies. Loads of maps and modes from SOCOM are included. There's a big regional leaderboard on display that refreshes promptly with information from the SOCOM website, and US avatars are getting some army clothes.

The EA Sports complex, meanwhile, has received new racing tracks, leaderboards, a Racing Boost Shop and poker updates. And there's a free Cole costume for those who downloaded the inFamous demo.