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E3: Pele shows off new Wii exclusive

Academy of Champions will be out this year.

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Pele popped in during Ubisoft's E3 press conference today to show off his new Wii game.

Titled Academy of Champions Football, though looking for all the world like it should be called Harry Potter and the Offside Rule, it's down for release later this year.

"Football is the most important thing in my life. Football gave me everything," said Pele, via a translator. But he's also all about the kids.

"Children have always been a priority for me... They are a very important part of my life. I want to educate them and give them a chance to learn something from the game, and from me and my experience in football," he stated. "I hope that children will be able to profit from this game. Also, team spirit is very important. This game gives children a chance to work with their families, and gives them a positive message."

In the trailer that followed the camera zoomed in on Hogwarts - sorry, a fantastical castle with football symbols on the gates - and the doors of the castle swung open to reveal a cartoon Pele bouncing a football. Inside, more cartoon figures were kicking balls around in the hallways.

The walls were adorned with moving portraits of people playing football. The action then cut to a proper match, and a group of kids taking on some nasty looking types who did their best to beat them up. But Gryffindor - sorry, the kids - prevailed.

Pele confirmed he's jolly happy about the whole thing, and especially about the chance to work with Ubisoft. "This is going to be another opportunity for me to be a part of a winning team," he said.

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