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Zeno Clash heading to console

ACE Team just needs to shake on it.

ACE Team co-founder Carlos Bordeu has told Eurogamer that Zeno Clash is inches away from being confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade - and that a console version would likely get extra content.

"We've been having conversations about a possible XBLA version of the game and we're currently talking with a publisher, but we still haven't closed that yet. But it's something we'd really like to do," said Bordeu.

"Usually when you port there is a lot of interest in adding new features and content so the console port is interesting and people who have the PC version will say, 'Oh cool, the console version has these features added.'

"I can't tell you what it would be right now, but yes, we are looking at adding a little bit of extra content," he stated.

ACE Team picked Xbox 360 because Valve's Source code is optimised for the system. Only The Orange Box has appeared as a multiplatform title from Valve, and only then because EA internally developed for the system.

Carlos and team are currently working on more DLC for Zeno Clash 1 and are fleshing out a sequel for release maybe next year - maybe later.

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Look out for our full interview with ACE Team's Carlos Bordeu this weekend - he's quite chatty!