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Atlus bringing Zeno Clash to XBLA

Ultimate Edition has co-op, extras.

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Chilean studio ACE Team has struck a deal with publisher Atlus to bring weird and wonderful PC game Zeno Clash to Xbox Live Arcade.

It's coming out next March and will go by the name Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition. Like Trials HD, another recent PC-to-XBLA port, a number of extras are packed in to ensure this is the "definitive" version.

There will be new modes like co-op Tower Challenges, and additional features and content in other areas, plus a host of nips and tucks made to the original Zeno Clash formula.

Zeno Clash, a first-person brawler, was released on PC in April and won plaudits for a wacky world of Father-Mothers and Gaudi-esque architecture. Its independent roots meant that rough edges countered the smooth, but the game still took 8/10 from Eurogamer for a wonderfully imaginative adventure.

We sat down with Carlos Bordeu - one of three founding brothers of ACE TEam - following release to chat about a console version and the what the path ahead holds for the small studio. Check out our full interview for all he had to say.

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