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Digital FoundryTrials HD Performance Analysis video

Digital Foundry tests frame-rate on the original Trials for Xbox 360.

VideoThe secrets of Trials HD

RedLynx's hints and hidden areas.

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Labyrinthine riddle hidden in Trials HD solved

RedLynx questions the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

An impossibly convoluted riddle hidden away within acclaimed Xbox Live Arcade stuntbike epic Trials HD has finally been laid bare by developer RedLynx.

12 Days of Christmas Xbox Giveaway!

IT'S ALL OVER! Winners have been/are being notified. Thanks to all who entered!

UPDATE: And we're done! Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Microsoft for providing so many amazing prizes. We have notified 11 out of 12 winners as of Wednesday 22nd December and will be speaking to yesterday's victor this morning. Congratulations if you won and watch out for more massive giveaways on this scale in the future!

Trials HD developer explains Ubisoft buy-out

Deal lets it concentrate on making great games.

Life at Trials HD developer RedLynx won't change now that it's a part of the Ubisoft family, according to co-founder and creative director Antti Ilvessuo, other than the fact that it will have more time to devote to making great games.

FeatureCheap This Week - 13/07/11

Crackdown! EDF! Child of Eden!

Welcome to Cheap This Week, our weekly selection of discounted games. There's a great selection of games available for good prices this week, including two hot pre-orders for less than 20 quid apiece. If you want still more cut-price gaming, make sure to visit home of cheap games on the internet:

RedLynx unveils Trials Evolution for XBLA

RedLynx unveils Trials Evolution for XBLA

Multi-bikes side-by-side on one course!

Trials HD has a successor: Trials Evolution for Xbox Live Arcade.

Evolution goes outside, swapping warehouse interiors for fresh air and a pretty day and night cycle.

Crucially, Evolution introduces a track sharing hub called Track Central. That means no more editing Friends Lists to get the latest community-made treasures thank goodness.

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Trials HD lifetime sales reach 2 million

Super-duper Xbox Live Arcade stunt bike game Trials HD has passed 2 million sales, maker RedLynx has announced.

That number includes sales of Trials HD and the Big Pack and Big Thrills expansions.

Those sales cement Trials HD as one of the best ever selling games on the Live Arcade platform. And so it should be, after earning 9/10 on Eurogamer.

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Limbo, Trials, 'Splosion Man hit retail

XBLA collection heading to US stores.

Formerly download-only indie gems Limbo, Trials HD and 'Splosion Man are to get a full US retail release in a forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade triple pack.

FeatureWhat makes games frustrating?

And what makes us keep playing?

What have you been up to this week? I've spent most of it staring at a near-vertical assortment of pipes and beams and wishing I was dead. I've also been inventing guttural new expletives that threaten to bring Social Services to the door. God only knows what the neighbours have made of it.

Indies not sold on Kinect

Trials HD, Darwinia+ crews speak out.

Following news that Microsoft will soon be releasing Kinect development tools to independent studios, Eurogamer has asked a number of indies whether they are interested in developing for Kinect.

Trials HD sells over a million

Trials HD sells over a million

Everyone's delighted.

Xbox Live Arcade game Trials HD has sold over a million copies, Finnish creator RedLynx has announced.

RedLynx told us back in March that it had sold over one million pieces of "content" - over 825,000 copies of Trials HD at 1200 MSP (10.20 / $14) a pop, and over 185,000 copies of the Big Pack DLC at 400 MSP (3.40 / 4.65) apiece.

But this announcement relates to Trials HD only, and the "over a million" figure does not include sales of the Big Pack.

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Trials HD discounted today

Chopped to 800 Microsoft Points.

Xbox Live Arcade tour de force Trials HD has been discounted to 800 Microsoft Points (6.80/9.60). That's a saving of 400 MSP (3.40/4.80).

Trials HD hits 1m sales across game/DLC

Trials HD hits 1m sales across game/DLC

XBLA sales data has surprises.

RedLynx has sold over one million pieces of content on Xbox Live.

That's over 825,000 copies of Trials HD at 1200 MSP (10.20/$14) a pop, and over 185,000 copies of the Big Pack DLC at 400 MSP (3.40/4.65) apiece. Drinks on them!

GamerBytes correlates the sales data by painstakingly analysing leaderboards for each game, because these generally tell you how many people are playing.

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Trials HD BIG Pack

Trials HD BIG Pack

Back in the saddle.

Did I like Trials HD? This tentative email enquiry from Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell was more loaded than he perhaps realised. Yes, of course I like Trials HD. I love it, because I have a soul and people who do not love Trials HD are hollow, empty creatures. Would I like to review the first dose of DLC, the boastfully titled BIG Pack? Again, the answer was an emphatic yes. But professional duty meant that it came with a humiliating confession: as much as I love Trials HD, I'm very, very rubbish at it.

It can't have come as a surprise - after all, Tom sits atop my Friends leaderboard on virtually every course, his inhuman dexterity writ large with brisk times and impossibly few faults. I'm somewhere near the bottom, with times that are more tortoise than hare, and faults soaring into triple figures (current record: 172 faults on Technique!). My shame is there for Tom - nay, the world - to see.

Thankfully, the fact that Trials HD apparently turns my usually skilled fingers to floppy rubber doesn't matter. Not just for Tom, the kindest, most gentle taskmaster in the history of games journalism, but for the game itself. Trials HD is that most wonderful of things - a game where it's not just okay, but downright fun to be crap.

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New Trials HD Achievements detailed

It's a slow day and nearly Christmas.

RedLynx has revealed the three new Trials HD Achievements arriving as part of the BIG Pack DLC. And that's due, remember, on 23rd December for 400 Microsoft Points (4.80/9.60).

RedLynx details Trials HD's BIG Pack

RedLynx details Trials HD's BIG Pack

Levels! Skill games! Editor objects! Patch.

RedLynx has pulled back the curtain and exposed the now dated and priced Trials HD BIG Pack downloadable add-on.

Inside are 23 new courses to hop around on and they focus on the medium and hard tiers - the "sweet spot", the developer told us. They are split into 12 medium, 9 hard and 2 extreme.

Each has been built to focus on the new objects added to the editor. On our visit to Finland to visit RedLynx we saw a space-themed level that simulated zero-gravity by using the new wind-gust object. We were shown another level where players must stay atop a moving monster truck, which highlighted the new rolling car model.

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Trials HD: Tips from the developers

Simple but vital lessons from RedLynx.

It's very likely that Trials HD will be a strong contender for the Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2009, if you know what's good for you. The core motorbike game is - in the words of Michel Roux Jr - developed to perfection, and the life-prolonging editor is the same toolset that RedLynx builds its own stages with. The small Finnish studio (that we visited earlier this year) has done good. We can't wait to find out what's in the excellently-named BIG Pack of downloadable content.

FeatureThe Trials of Trials

Eurogamer hunts down RedLynx in Finland.

"After 10 years, you become pessimistic that nobody's going to buy the game," says Antti Ilvessuo, creative director at RedLynx, but with a laugh. He's talking about how he felt going into Trials HD, this summer's big success story on Xbox Live Arcade. He's relaxed because Trials HD has sold over 500,000 copies, which translates to about five million quid.

Trials HD races past 300,000 sales

Trials HD races past 300,000 sales

|\/|0t0r81k3s take XBLA by storm.

RedLynx has announced that Trials HD has passed 300,000 sales after barely a month on sale.

At 1200 Microsoft Points (10.20 / 14.40), that's over three million quid. Hey good-lookin'!

"It's a remarkable and proud moment for us to have Trials HD as one of the highest-ranked games among Xbox Live Arcade users, and one of the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade games this year," said RedLynx boss Tero Virtala.

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Microsoft: We are digi distribution leader

Releases stats from Summer of Arcade.

Microsoft reckons that it's king of the hill when it comes to downloadable games, following a period that saw a 200 per cent boost in sales compared to last summer.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Trials HD

Sebastian Aaltonen and Antti Ilvessuo discuss the technology behind this year's top XBLA game.

In the four weeks since it launched, RedLynx's Trials HD on Xbox Live Arcade has swiftly become one of the most fantastic success stories in the history of Microsoft's digital delivery platform, selling over 300,000 copies. Combining ultra-addictive gameplay with a bespoke, highly advanced physics and graphics engine, Trials HD takes a decidedly retro game concept and updates it in spectacular fashion for the Xbox 360 generation.

Trials HD

Trials HD

Try Trials again.

There's a level, around halfway through Trials HD, where the only route to success involves hopping your little stunt bike between two giant, latticed metal spheres, which roll backward and forward depending on your direction of movement when you're perched on top of them. At first, it's maddening: moving forwards moves you backwards! But after a while you realise that a precise landing allows you to inch backwards at just the right pace to push each sphere forwards without falling off. With the gap reduced, you can hop to safety.

It's a nice idea, nicely done. Trials HD is a motocross game with snazzy 3D visuals but strictly 2D gameplay, and challenges like the metal spheres force you to make the most of the economical controls: accelerator, brake, and the d-pad or stick to adjust your rider's position between pulling back and leaning over the handlebars. You have to manufacture the key flicks, hops and jumps out of nothing but speed and weight distribution. What sticks in the mind about the metal spheres though is that you never see them again in the campaign. Developer RedLynx uses them once, and then ditches them in favour of the next bright idea. It's very Nintendo, that.

In many other respects, Trials belongs to the same category of game as TrackMania. You may only need three controls to move your bike around every level in the game, but the most important buttons are nothing to do with movement: they're the Back button, which resets you to the beginning of the level, and the B button, which drops you to the last checkpoint. The resets are instantaneous, so even if you should land on some explosives, or on your head, and "sustain too much damage to continue" as RedLynx politely describes it, you'll be back to task faster than you can say "temporary blip". As you become obsessed with reducing your level-completion time, and the number of checkpoint-resets to zero, the speed of the reset response gives you no chance to break the cycle of attempts. You just keep playing.

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E3: Trials HD confirmed for XBLA

E3: Trials HD confirmed for XBLA

At last! /\/\0+0|2|31|<35!

Microsoft has outed an Xbox Live Arcade version of motorbike game RedLynx Trials. Yes! Goal!

Update: RedLynx has no date or price yet, but the game is included in the Summer of Arcade, so "soon".

Dubbed Trials HD, it packs over 50 high-definition courses sporting sparkly graphical effects like explosions. Look!

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