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More Trials HD after Big Thrills DLC?

RedLynx: "Only the squirrels know."

The forthcoming Big Thrills DLC pack won't be the last gamers see of Trials HD, RedLynx has hinted.

The Finnish studio's creative director Antti Ilvessuo told Eurogamer, "When we release Big Thrills, probably in late November or early December, we'll be delivering about 40 quality new levels, a bunch of new tournaments, and new achievements.

"That should keep our fans busy for some time. As to what's after that, only the squirrels know! But you've probably not heard the last of Trials HD."

Ilvessuo also told us more about RedLynx's next project - colourful WiiWare stunt racer MotoHeroz.

"We've always been a multi-platform publisher and developer, and we see WiiWare as a new opportunity to reach out to a totally new group of gamers who may not know much about RedLynx or the kind of games we make.

"Each game platform is different, and needs the right kind of games to fit both the platform and the audience for that platform. In MotoHeroz we saw from the start an exceptionally great fit for Wii. We have been busy developing that game and happily, MotoHeroz is turning out to be even better than we expected."

Trials HD will be a tough act to follow. CEO Terry Virtala recently told Eurogamer that RedLynx had shifted over a million downloads of its fiendish, brilliant XBLA racer/platformer.

Illvessuo is hoping he'll be able to bring some of those users over to MotoHeroz, despite its cartoony look.

"We focus on creating a great game experience, meaning games that we as developers would love to play," he explained. "MotoHeroz and Trials are different types of games, but we love both of them, so they both will appeal to a really wide audience.

"MotoHeroz will appeal to anyone who likes fast-paced, platform type games. It happens to feature fun race cars and dune buggies, but it plays more like a platformer, so everyone who likes platformer games should enjoy this too. That certainly includes Trials fans, but it describes plenty of other gamers too."

MotoHeroz launches on WiiWare in early 2011. Trials HD's Big Thrills DLC pack hits XBLA later this year.