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Two thirds off Trials HD price tomorrow

That's a wheelie good bargain.

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Sublime Xbox Live Arcade motorbike game Trials HD will drop in price by two-thirds tomorrow.

That means the price will fall from 1200 Microsoft Points to 400 MSP.

David Dickinson says: "Cheap as chips!"

Developer RedLynx is also lowering the price of the first DLC pack, Big Pack, to 240 MSP (usually 400 MSP).

This coincides with the launch of the new Trials HD add-on, Big Thrills, which arrives this Wednesday, 1st December. Big Thrills costs 400 MSP.

Put all of that into a calculator and you'll see that if you buy Trials HD and Big Pack tomorrow, then Big Thrills this coming Wednesday, you'll have spent only 1100 MSP - less than the original game cost.

Big Thrills adds 40 new tracks, new tournaments and new Achievements.

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