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RedLynx details Trials HD's BIG Pack

Levels! Skill games! Editor objects! Patch.

RedLynx has pulled back the curtain and exposed the now dated and priced Trials HD BIG Pack downloadable add-on.

Inside are 23 new courses to hop around on and they focus on the medium and hard tiers - the "sweet spot", the developer told us. They are split into 12 medium, 9 hard and 2 extreme.

Each has been built to focus on the new objects added to the editor. On our visit to Finland to visit RedLynx we saw a space-themed level that simulated zero-gravity by using the new wind-gust object. We were shown another level where players must stay atop a moving monster truck, which highlighted the new rolling car model.

There's even one map that looks nothing like the normal Trials HD game. It's called 1 Bit Trip and the camera has been zoomed out and placed side-on to give a retro, 2D feel. The colours are green and platforms are cast in silhouette, adding an element of surprise to what you're riding over. It's a very effective demonstration of what's possible in the editor.

Another map has you riding through (another new editor component) air vents on the Donkey bike, and yet another map had you completing enormous loop-the-loops and collecting boost power-ups to fling you high into the air.

There are five new tournaments to compete in that cobble those new maps together.

Skill games have also expanded to welcome 12 new challenges. One of those that we played saw our motorbike semi-fixed to the back of a car (in a wooden cage), the idea being to roll down a ramp and launch into the air and collect strategically placed boosters to see how high you and the car can get.

Most of the other new skill games add variation to what we already know, such as the driver bail-out launch. There's even a gigantic pinball-themed game.

At the heart of everything are those 50 new objects in the track editor. These include rocket turbines, motors, rotating platforms, piston-like oil drums and all of those mentioned above. While the DLC may introduce the new toys, the hope is that the community will latch-on and run with them for months.

There are also three new Achievements totalling 50 gamerpoints on offer. Do pop into our Trials HD - BIG Pack DLC gallery for a first batch of screenshots.

RedLynx will also release a title update for Trials HD alongside the BIG Pack DLC on 23rd December.

This makes the Ultimate Endurance tournament easier and the Marathon Achievement more obtainable. The Down the Stairs Skill Game has been fixed to remove the glitch and add better control of the tumbling rider.

Corrupted Leaderboard scores have been addressed and will be wiped now and mechanically in the future, and a host of minor bugs have been squashed across the board.

Last but not least, RedLynx has doubled the amount of tracks you can save on your hard-drive or memory card.

To reiterate: the Trials HD BIG Pack will be released on Xbox Live on 23rd December and cost 400 Microsoft Points (£4.80/€9.60).

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