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Trials dev has another secret project

"Nobody should be worried," says RedLynx.

Trials HD creator RedLynx has another big project in development besides the newly announced WiiWare game MotoHeroz.

"We aren't only developing one game," RedLynx CEO Tero Virtala told Eurogamer. "We have multiple projects. I don't think anyone should be worried."

"Yeah," added studio co-founder and Trials creator Antti Ilvessuo. "The message is that we have multiple teams and multiple projects."

"You mentioned that [Trials] fans might be worried - nobody should be worried. We have faith from the start that we are multiplatform developers and we have multiplatform teams in our office, so we are making many games for many platforms all the time."

The duo revealed there were 35 staff in the employ of RedLynx. They are grouped as four teams: one making MotoHeroz for WiiWare; one making the Big Thrills add-on for Trials HD; one concentrating on "the mobile side"; and another making "something interesting for all our fans", revealed Virtala.

"It's an excellent game but it also has to stand out somehow," he added. "But we don't want to say anything too concrete yet."

RedLynx has existed since 2000, developing extensively for PC (Trials and scores of web games), as well as for PSP and DS (Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command), N-Gage (Pathway to Glory, Reset Generation, High Seize), TV (Goal!, Dogeball, Penalty Soccer and loads more) and, of course, Xbox 360 (Trials HD) and Wii (MotoHeroz).

One notable exception, then, is PS3.

"It's an interesting platform but we haven't yet announced anything for that," said Virtala, adding, "But we are a multiplatform studio."

Interesting enough to host this new, top secret game?

"No, we didn't say that," Virtala quipped.

"You are trying to trick us," added Ilvessuo with a giggle.

RedLynx revealed MotoHeroz for WiiWare yesterday. The game involves cars careering across an obstacle-strewn side-scrolling course, tilting backwards and forwards a bit like Trials. The emphasis, however, is on speed - ploughing through either a story-led single-player mode; local multiplayer mode for four; or time trial mode with leaderboards and ghosts.

There's an interesting Daily Track feature, too, that offers fresh content every single day that everyone - veterans and newbies - can have an equal shot at.

MotoHeroz will be released early next year.