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New Trials HD Achievements detailed

It's a slow day and nearly Christmas.

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RedLynx has revealed the three new Trials HD Achievements arriving as part of the BIG Pack DLC. And that's due, remember, on 23rd December for 400 Microsoft Points (£4.80/€9.60).

The new Achievements total 50 gamerpoints. The biggest split (20G) goes to "Look Ma I Can Fly!" and is awarded on the Skyway level for bouncing on five trampolines in a row.

The remainder is split between Piggyback (15G) and No Deal (15G). Piggyback requires riding on the top of a car on the Dangerous Ride level, and No Deal involves landing a bailed-out rider in a box.

The BIG Pack boasts 23 new levels, 12 new skill games and 50 new objects for the track editor. Our new Trials HD - BIG Pack video shows the content in action.

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