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ACE Team unveils Zeno Clash 2

Sequel to be "much larger" and "more brutal".

Chilean developer ACE Team has announced a sequel to unique first-person beat-'em-up Zeno Clash.

The story takes place after the first game but once more follows outcast Ghat, who's up against new and old problems, according to ACE Team's blog. Father-Mother and Golem are to return, plus there's a raft of new characters to get to know.

The sequel aims to be "much larger" and have more open-ended gameplay. Exploration will play a bigger role and ACE Team is stirring some RPG elements into the mix. And, phew, the unflinching first-person combat returns to be "even more brutal".

Zeno Clash came out in April and scored 8/10 on Eurogamer. It's set in one of the most imaginative worlds we've seen; one filled with bizarre monsters, odd colours and Father-Mothers with bird heads.

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