Zeno Clash


Zeno Clash 2 video details numerous enhancements

UPDATE: Out on EU consoles "later in May at the earliest."

PC crowd "more open" to weird games

Than 360 owners, says Zeno Clash dev.

XBLA Zeno Clash set for 5th May

"Ultimate Edition" gets worldwide release.

Atlus bringing Zeno Clash to XBLA

Ultimate Edition has co-op, extras.

Zeno Clash 2 video details numerous enhancements

UPDATE: Out on EU consoles "later in May at the earliest."

PC crowd "more open" to weird games

Than 360 owners, says Zeno Clash dev.

XBLA Zeno Clash set for 5th May

"Ultimate Edition" gets worldwide release.

Atlus bringing Zeno Clash to XBLA

Ultimate Edition has co-op, extras.

Zeno Clash retail box bundles DLC

All current extras included.

Zeno Clash spreads to shops in Q4

Indie ACE expanding for €19.99.

Zeno Clash SDK released

Make your own hermaphrodite.

Zeno Clash to be half-price this weekend

To celebrate the release of new DLC.

Feature | Zeno Clash's ACE Team

The mind and words of Carlos Bordeu.

ACE Team doing Zeno Clash DLC

Sequel revealed "maybe a little early".

Zeno Clash heading to console

ACE Team just needs to shake on it.

ACE Team unveils Zeno Clash 2

Sequel to be "much larger" and "more brutal".

Zeno Clash getting demo, DLC, SDK

Bonkers first-person brawler to grow.

Zeno Clash dev done being ambitious

ACE Team worn out, down-scaling.

Zeno Clash 50 per cent cheaper today

Even though it's not out until April.

Zeno Clash

ACE's high.

Independent Games Festival finalists

PixelJunk Eden, Zeno Clash, Maw, more.

ACE bags Source for Zeno Clash

Punk fantasy melee combat.