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Zeno Clash 2 video details numerous enhancements

Zeno Clash 2 video details numerous enhancements

UPDATE: Out on EU consoles "later in May at the earliest."

Update 2: Sadly Atlus has responded that Zeno Clash 2 won't arrive on EU consoles until "later in May at the earliest." Boo-urns!

Update: A recent e-mail advertisement for Zeno Clash 2 has listed the 30th release date as being applicable to both Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as Steam. This appears to refer to the North American PSN release, so it will likely hit XBLA in both NA and Europe on Wed, 1st May. [Editor's note: The marketing materials are misleading and in fact the release date only refers to the Steam release. The console versions are still to be determined.] We're still looking into whether it will arrive on the European PSN this week too.

Original story: ACE Team's sequel to its surreal dadaist first-person brawler Zeno Clash is due out next week PC, but in the meantime the developer has comprised a video detailing its numerous additions since we last set foot in Zenozoik.

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XBLA Zeno Clash set for 5th May

"Ultimate Edition" gets worldwide release.

Atlus Entertainment has announced that the Xbox Live "Ultimate Edition" of innovative PC first-person brawler Zeno Clash will be available for download worldwide on 5th May.

Zeno Clash's ACE Team

The mind and words of Carlos Bordeu.

Innovation sparkles as brightly as diamonds in the games industry, and is lusted after in equal measure. For every polished gem promising a safe return - every Assassin's Creed 2, every BioShock 2, every FIFA 10 - there's a raw stone with exciting potential. These, more often than not, are mined from independent sources before big corporations trample over the top with their metaphorical tractors of industry [let's wind it up - Ed]. Zeno Clash, made by Chilean developer ACE Team, is one such source. Flawed, but brilliant; a unique world of bird people, father-mothers, brutality and Gaudi-like constructions.

Zeno Clash heading to console

ACE Team just needs to shake on it.

ACE Team co-founder Carlos Bordeu has told Eurogamer that Zeno Clash is inches away from being confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade - and that a console version would likely get extra content.

ACE Team unveils Zeno Clash 2

ACE Team unveils Zeno Clash 2

Sequel to be "much larger" and "more brutal".

Chilean developer ACE Team has announced a sequel to unique first-person beat-'em-up Zeno Clash.

The story takes place after the first game but once more follows outcast Ghat, who's up against new and old problems, according to ACE Team's blog. Father-Mother and Golem are to return, plus there's a raft of new characters to get to know.

The sequel aims to be "much larger" and have more open-ended gameplay. Exploration will play a bigger role and ACE Team is stirring some RPG elements into the mix. And, phew, the unflinching first-person combat returns to be "even more brutal".

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Zeno Clash getting demo, DLC, SDK

Bonkers first-person brawler to grow.

Developer ACE Team has said to expect a demo for Zeno Clash in the near future, along with downloadable content and an SDK for the creative types.

Zeno Clash

Zeno Clash

Freud rage.

Picture this. Gaudi's breathtaking Barcelona Cathedral, the Sagrada Familia. Exquisite carvings cover every surface, depicting creatures beyond comprehension. The baking sun streams through rainbow-hued stained glass, suffusing everything with shimmering colour. But there's no Mass being held. No blessing, priest or sacrament. There's some incense burning, but its perfume is the acridity of hallucinogens rather than salvation.

On the floor of the nave, where an altar should stand, is a wrestling ring. The ropes are spun gold, the mat is woven from Dalis, the turnbuckles are jewel-encrusted gargoyles. In the centre stands a six-foot mouse - four flapping breasts loosely held by a leather harness - and a horrifying bird-man, munching on the eyes of a violently coloured pheasant. In the midst of all this beauty and elegance, the two begin to fight. Screaming, they kick, punch, elbow and knee each other with incredible violence, viciously and unrelentingly.

This is Zeno Clash.

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Zeno Clash dev done being ambitious

ACE Team worn out, down-scaling.

ACE Team has decided to focus on smaller and cheaper point-and-click adventure games after the launch of Zeno Clash. It just doesn't have the energy for ambitious ideas any more.

Zeno Clash 50 per cent cheaper today

Even though it's not out until April.

ACE Team's first-person punch-up Zeno Clash, in which you wrestle with a menagerie of duck-billed goodness-knowses in a beautiful fantasy setting, has been reduced in price by half until 8pm GMT today. And it's not even out yet.

Zeno Clash

ACE's high.

Between Lord of the Rings and Oblivion, the word "fantasy" has become synonymous with the repeatedly tried, tested, franchised, cut and pasted story of burly dwarves and their reluctant, whimsy-faced Elven allies; of the brave new race of men, forging their place in history in the fire of trade and cities; of orcs noshing on livestock while elementals and giant bastard spiders cavort in unfeasibly named hills; of fortresses and legends and magic jewellery. Of narrow bounds, basically, much as we often love the results.