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Zeno Clash dev done being ambitious

ACE Team worn out, down-scaling.

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ACE Team has decided to focus on smaller and cheaper point-and-click adventure games after the launch of Zeno Clash. It just doesn't have the energy for ambitious ideas any more.

"We're exhausted now that we are reaching the end of the development cycle of Zeno Clash. It's been two hard years of little sleep and a lot of work, so we are announcing that after Zeno Clash we will not continue to develop such ambitious projects," writes ACE's Andres Bordeu in an email.

"Instead, we will focus in smaller titles with shorter development cycles. Our new direction will be point-and-click adventure games."

The first of these - The Malstrums Mansion - is free and avialable to download now.

"We're waiting for the fans' feedback," adds Bordeu. "We want to make the best adventure games we can. Send us your comments!"

Zeno Clash, a first-person punch-up with duck-billed lady-men, impressed us during our recent hands-on session. It's unusual, refreshing and devoid of the annoying fantasy clichés that are driven into our faces each day by pointy-eared elves with rat-infested cellars.

The full game will be available on Steam from 21st April. Our full analysis will surface closer to that time.

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