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Zeno Clash getting demo, DLC, SDK

Bonkers first-person brawler to grow.

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Developer ACE Team has said to expect a demo for Zeno Clash in the near future, along with downloadable content and an SDK for the creative types.

The demo and bug-fixing patch will arrive "soon", designer Andres Bordeu told LagZero (translated by Shacknews)

The SDK will allow fans mess to around with levels and other assets, and while there's no date, we're told "it shouldn't take very long".

New Tower challenges are a possibility for DLC, Bordeu added, but there are also other things being discussed. There's no concrete information on when or what, but ACE Team wants the DLC to be free.

Zeno Clash is a first-person brawler about bird-people and madmen. It's very good. And apparently all this talk about ACE Team being pushed over the edge and deciding to focus on casual games instead is absolute nonsense - an April Fool's joke, no less. And we fell for it.

Head over to Eurogamer's Zeno Clash review for our analysis.

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