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ACE Team doing Zeno Clash DLC

Sequel revealed "maybe a little early".

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ACE Team co-founder Carlos Bordeu has revealed that there free Zeno Clash DLC will be released soon.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, he said the recently-announced sequel may be misleading as the project is still in conceptual phase - and ACE Team is far from finished with Zeno Clash 1.

"Maybe we announced Zeno Clash 2 a little early," Bordeu said. "It was more of an announcement that we're starting work on the next project than we actually have a lot to show. I mean if you ask me for screenshots or anything, I wouldn't have them, because it's only been a month since we released the other game. We're pretty much in a design phase, so we're still working a lot on the first game.

"We're currently preparing a new free downloadable content that's going to be similar to the Challenge mode but a pit challenge where you go down floors fighting opponents," he added. "We hope to have something to show in a couple of weeks - a video or something."

Bordeu said he wouldn't expect this sort of thing to take "more than a month". He's not completely sure, but he reckons "maybe five weeks" until release.

As for the sequel, Bordeu reckons 2009 is out of the question: "No way this year; absolutely impossible," he said. "Beyond that, we have our internal estimations about the time we may take, but we miserably failed when we planned how long the first one would be, so if I told you now I would probably miserably fail again, so I'd rather not say! Ha!"

Zeno Clash launched earlier this year on Steam to critical acclaim - ours included. It's a first-person brawler with bird-people, Gaudi-like buildings and plenty of surreal behaviour.

Look out for our full interview with ACE Team's Carlos Bordeu this weekend, in which he talks about ideas for the sequel, wild concepts scrapped long ago, the indie development scene, an XBLA Zeno Clash port and much, much more.

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