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ACE bags Source for Zeno Clash

Punk fantasy melee combat.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Chilean developer ACE Team has licensed Valve's fancy Source Engine for a new "punk fantasy" PC game due out in 2008.

Zeno Clash, as it's called, will emphasise melee combat, with adversaries who are always "dangerously close", and exotic guns and artefacts a commodity.

The first bit will see the main character struggling to find his feet after being exiled by his clan and hunted by his own brothers. (Harsh!) As ACE puts it, "A desperate journey past the forbidden desert will bring him to the end of the world."

This being an engine announcement, the designers were keen to lavish the Source with praise, too. Game designer Andres Bordeu said Source had the "features, tools and flexibility" ACE required to "bring to life a game world beyond anything seen before".

Check out the first Zeno Clash screenshots to see how they're getting on.

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