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E3: Milius Homefront role clarified

"He's perfect for this setting and drama."

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Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn writer John Milius is working as a "story consultant" on Kaos Studios' upcoming FPS Homefront, rather than writing it.

However, the New York developer, and publisher THQ, reckon he's "perfect for this kind of setting and drama", and is "definitely involved in the dialogue".

"He's basically been a story consultant for us. He comes down to our studio every month or so and we do a meeting with him where we run through our outline, and he gives us a lot of feedback on structure, characters, the pacing," lead designer Erin Daly told Eurogamer.

"He's a great military historian, so he'll say, 'here's how a resistance would really plan this operation' and give you a lot of specific details that add that authenticity to it.

"He's not writing the story per se but he's heavily involved in structuring it and increasing the quality of it really."

Homefront puts you in the combat boots of an American resistance fighter taking on a North Korean occupation force 20 years in the future, following a massive energy crisis. Check out our preview, trailer and screenshot gallery for more.

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