Feature | Danny Bilson: inside the rise and fall of THQ

The outspoken former chief of Saints Row, Homefront and Darksiders finally breaks his silence.

Troubled THQ risks falling off Nasdaq listing

Publisher warned after continued shares slump.

Feature | Danny Bilson: inside the rise and fall of THQ

The outspoken former chief of Saints Row, Homefront and Darksiders finally breaks his silence.

Troubled THQ risks falling off Nasdaq listing

Publisher warned after continued shares slump.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

Before the games industry really loses it mojo.

THQ opens online store shopTHQ

Homefront, Red Faction 40 per cent off.

Video | Homefront DLC vid shows new levels

San Francisco-set Rock map pack.

New Homefront DLC announced

The Rock adds new multiplayer maps.

THQ confirms Homefront 2 plans

Looking to learn from original's failings.

THQ closes Homefront developer

Bilson: Montreal HQ to take over franchise.

First Homefront DLC pack announced

Plus, Xbox 360 update goes live today.

THQ insists it now rivals EA, Activision

"When we can compete, we win."

Homefront multiplayer demo coming

Plus, multiple DLC packs planned.

XBL chart: COD rules, Homefront falters

Limbo takes weekly Arcade top spot.

3DS back on top in Japan hardware charts

Pilotwings, Homefront enter top 10.

March US Xbox 360 sales detailed

No home console stronger in 2011.

Bilson: Homefront is "not a 71"

THQ exec dismisses Metacritic score.

Kaos promises "exciting" Homefront DLC

Xbox 360 profile freeze update live.

THQ confirms Kaos, Volition lay-offs

17 staff let go at Homefront developer.

Homefront debuts at six on Xbox Live

Plus, Full House Poker tops XBLA chart.

Homefront racks up 1 million sales

Plus, best debut week of 2011 in UK.

Homefront Xbox freeze bug fix ASAP - THQ

"Day or two" from MS certification.

Homefront sales: Xbox 70%, PS3 26%

What was your Korea choice?

UK top 40: Homefront brings it home

Total War: Shogun 2 enters fourth.

Homefront PlayStation 3 patch out now

Dedicated servers mean "kinks".

Feature | Squeezed Middle

Life as a second-tier publisher is no longer tenable.

Digital Foundry | Homefront PC/PS3 Face-Off

Dramatic differences between PS3 and the computer builds.

Digital Foundry | Homefront PC/360 Face-Off

Console against computer in this FPS shoot-out.

Kaos to monitor Homefront for "glitches"

"You can't test for thousands of gamers."

Digital Foundry | Homefront PS3/360 Face-Off

Kaos Studios' high profile shooter compared on console.

Homefront sells 375k on day one in US

THQ "delighted", "fulfilling re-orders".

Homefront MP "outstripped expectations"

More dedicated servers soon.

Digital Foundry | Homefront PS3/360 Performance Analysis

THQ's shooter on both console platforms analysed.

Homefront scores cause THQ stock crash

Share price falls 20% in 24 hours.

Video | Homefront trailer plots "future history"

"Begins today with war in the Middle East."

Video | Homefront launch trailer rolls out

Eurogamer's review landing tomorrow.

Homefront 2 is "certainly the plan"

Dev teases "third gameplay layer" for sequel.

Kaos defends "5 hour" Homefront campaign

Is "competitive" with COD and Battlefield.

Kaos Studios slams Homefront leak

Those responsible "have no respect".

THQ wants in on EA vs Acti FPS battle

Bilson: "We’re in the conversation."

Uncertain future ahead for Homefront dev

But pre-orders break THQ record.

Video | Live-action Homefront teaser trailer

Families fire RPGs from school buses.

Kaos: FPS devs need to take more risks

Innovation is "up to the little guys".

Kim Jong-Il cut from Homefront Japan

Bespectacled boss now "Northern Leader".

Homefront release delayed

Kaos' shooter pushed back a week.

Exclusive features, 3D for PC Homefront

Plus, recommended system specs revealed.


Multiplayer hands-on with Battle Commander.

THQ: New consoles would be "horrible"

"It's bad for everybody," says Bilson.

Homefront dev defends 10-hour days

Kaos working to the bone, is part of the job.

MS support led to Homefront DLC deal

Plus: Kaos on story innovation and subtlety.

All Homefront DLC first on Xbox 360

360 version comes with exclusive map.

Bilson wouldn't have put Taliban in MOH

"It's emotional and it's personal."

Homefront uses THQ Online Pass

Multiplayer progression limited without it.

Video | Dark and brutal new Homefront trailer

From one of Apocalypse Now's scribes.

Jong-Il's son is a gamer, will never rule

Despot disapproves of Jong-chol's hobby.

Video | Explosive new Homefront dev diary

Multiplayer! Weapons! Vehicles!

THQ calls for "peaceful" end to Korea crisis

Homefront "a work of speculative fiction."

Video | Kaos talks the world of Homefront

America, post-Korean invasion.

THQ's FPS Homefront dated

March to freedom.

Homefront's getting a sequel - THQ

Takes place on the other side of Mississippi.

Homefront novel detailed

Co-written by Apocalypse Now screenwriter.

Homefront: "I promise you it competes"

With 6-10 hour campaign, says Bilson.


Choose your drone adventure.

Homefront multiplayer screenshots

Tanks! Helicopters! Caravans! Hope!

Video | Homefront played by 32 people

Mainwaring the back line.

THQ: Kinect/Move games are cheap

Don't expect motion-control blockbusters.

THQ's Homefront delayed

North Korea's US invasion postponed.

Homefront for PC shown at gamescom

THQ's answer to Call of Duty.

Homefront PC developer named

THQ gets loose lips.


THQ takes on Modern Warfare.

Red Faction, Homefront before April 2011

THQ has reveals planned for E3 this year.

THQ has plans for Homefront 2

Future FPS will be continued in DLC, sequel.

E3: Milius Homefront role clarified

"He's perfect for this setting and drama."

Feature | E3: Homefront

Defending the US from occupation.

E3: Homefront

Kaos Studios' upcoming FPS.

Red Dawn writer signs up for Homefront

He also penned Apocalypse Now, you know.

THQ unveils Kaos Studios' Homefront

North Korea invades the US, you resist.