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Homefront uses THQ Online Pass

Multiplayer progression limited without it.

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Homefront will be the second game by THQ to feature an Online Pass - a system designed to act as a deterrent to second-hand buyers.

Online Pass codes are given for free to gamers buying Homefront new, first-hand. Those mopping up traded copies of the game, however, will inevitably discover that the one-time-use code has gone or has already been redeemed.

And what does no code equal? Access to only five character levels of Homefront's online multiplayer progression system, according to Shacknews. An Online Pass grants the full 75-level compliment.

Those without an Online Pass can of course buy one, but at a price of $10.

THQ first tried this tactic with UFC Undisputed 2010 last year, a game that restricted online play unless an Online Pass code was entered. Back then this cost only $5/400 Microsoft Points.

Homefront is, in a nutshell, THQ's answer to Medal of Honor or Call of Duty - a blockbuster FPS that will run and run and run.

The game uses a fictional setting where North Korea has invaded North America - a vision of the future that came startlingly close to reality late last year.

As well as that unique setting, Homefront developer Kaos also has some bright ideas about how to shake up multiplayer. Christian Donlan investigated for Eurogamer.

You'll need a brave heart.

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