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THQ opens online store shopTHQ

Homefront, Red Faction 40 per cent off.

THQ has lifted the shutters on its online store shopTHQ, which sells the publisher's titles primarily via PC download.

The store is currently running an introductory 40 per cent off sale until 10th October, with both classic and recent THQ games nearly half price.

This year's 6/10 shooter Homefront is £17.99, while 8/10 Metro 2033 is £11.99.

Elsewhere, both Saints Row 2 and Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War can currently be found for £5.99.

Those who buy Saints Row: The Third from shopTHQ get a season pass for three future DLC add-ons bundled in, plus the previously-announced Professor Genki pre-order pack pro bono.

Digital titles bought via shopTHQ add an optional Extended Download Service, priced £3.73. It allows multiple downloads of the game for a two-year period, and can be removed from your shopping basket before purchase.

Saints Row: The Third's Professor Genki.