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E3: Miyamoto demos NSMB Wii

Mario's got a brand new penguin suit.

Shockwaves rippled through E3 today as it was revealed the next Super Mario game will feature an ice level.

Shigeru Miyamoto made the announcement during a behind-closed-doors presentation of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The audience was stunned to see the mainly blue and white level features falling snowflakes, giant fir trees and bits of ice that make you go all slidey.

Miyamoto also showed off Mario's new penguin suit, playing a brief demo during which he died three times. "That's why we're not allowing any photography," joshed the translator.

While wearing the penguin suit Mario can fire snowballs and encase enemies in blocks of ice. He can then use the blocks to get a leg-up to higher areas.

The penguin suit also lets Mario slide along icy sections of levels on his belly. This looked especially fun in the bits where there are lots of dips to slide down and gaps to fly over.

Read our full preview for more, and more useful, information. The penguin suit really is cute, though.