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Monster Hunter PSP bundle detailed

Branded skin! Out 26th June.

Capcom has detailed the contents of the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP bundle that Sony's David Reeves told us about in April.

It includes the new Mystic Silver PSP-3000, a Monster Hunter-branded PSP carry-pouch, screen wipe and a branded piece of skin or something that fits right over the PSP. And the game.

This all launches at the same time as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, on 26th June.

Sony and Capcom have gone to considerable lengths to impose Monster Hunter on Europe and the US, and kick-start the sort of phenomenal success the game enjoys in Japan. Key to the game's charms is an ad hoc wireless mode where four people can cooperatively kill big monsters for big loot. Dan just died again.

So far we've been offered a Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo that supports multiplayer, and Capcom has provided an online encyclopaedia to help the less discerning monster hunter stand a chance.

Whether its teeth will sink in this time, unlike predecessors Monster Hunter Freedom and Monster Hunter Freedom 2, we'll have to wait and see.